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English to Yoruba

aberration: 1. à abide: 1. dè accompany: 1. bá account: 1. àlàyé addled: 1. g advice: 1. ìm ràn ailment: 1. àìsàn; àrùn alarm: 1. ìfòiyà alien: 1. àjèjì; àjòjì a little: 1. dí alive: 1. ààyè also: 1. w … Continue reading

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Quick and SMART – culled from my lifeskills workshop notes

Writing your goals gives you 70% chance of succeeding than not writing it at all. Allow yourself this once – grab a piece of paper or notebook and a pen or pencil and start dreaming away..    SMART GOALS – being … Continue reading

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Be the change that you want to see

SOCIAL TREND: BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE – PART 2 Writing with my mug of coffee in hand, this time from my writing table, relieved from my 6.30am train-catching, bus-linking daily journey to work. My mind shifts gears … Continue reading

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Prisons, how much we know

School, Hotel or Prison, you decide?  By Tola Jegede   Prisons by definition and context are corrective institutions that confine people till they are tried or have finished their sentence.  I once heard a radio commentator analyse the links between teaching, … Continue reading

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Learning Yoruba

Yoruba Language is a spoken in Nigeria, Cuba, Togo, Brazil, Benin Republic and some Africans in Diaspora. Not all Yorubas speak the language, but it is becoming alarming in diaspora, the amount of children raised without knowledge of their parent’s … Continue reading

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Hello world!

You do not know how much you have until you start using the little you have! You have the seed in you, plant it

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