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Religions of the World – Part 1 – An introduction to Religion

 Webster’s New World Dictionary defines religion as “any specific system of belief and worship, often involving a code of ethics and a philosophy.”  This definition would exclude religions that do not engage in worship. Religion has played a huge part … Continue reading

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Coping with the loss of someone dear…

Dedicated to lost souls of the Ebola crisis of 2013/2014 and their families and friends… You hear people say that when you lose someone dear, you’d heal up with time. In the period between losing them and healing, there seems to be … Continue reading

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Writing – my inhuman hearthrob

Being able to express yourself in written words is perhaps one of the most treasured arts of mankind. You search deep down for priceless information, dispelling your feelings and emotions. Your inner strength is strengthened even more because your sense … Continue reading

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Bringing back the Happy Memories of the Family

  To relive a memorable event: – Write down your feelings about the event. Ask yourself – Was it Estatic, Gleeful, Hilarious, Thrilling, Overwhelming, Dumbfounding, Calming, Refreshing, Re-energising, …. –  Is it a regular event, i.e, will it happen again? … Continue reading

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The beauty of failing

Have you ever wondered why people fail? And why failure is imminent even when one knows the tricks of the game? Let it first be established that because you failed, you are not a failure. You have all it takes … Continue reading

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Who is your best friend?

Can a man be open with you about his past as a female friend? What if he is/ isn’t, what does it say about you/him?

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The Power of a Hug Giving a hug connotes many things. We give a hug to show love, warmth, regret, appreciation and more importantly to give encouragement. Many of us are quite sensitive to the needs of others but sometimes … Continue reading

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